Solution For Access VBA Runtime Error 3078 Issue

Feb 9, 2022 English

If you have access to VBA runtime error 3078 on your PC, then you should check out these recovery methods.

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    Are you looking for instant solutions to fix MS Access Runtime Error 3078: “The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find the input table or query? Well, in that case, this particular blog will definitely help you a lot.

    Because the following post contains fixes for this Microsoft database plan error 3078.

    Let’s kick off the broader community with one of undoubtedly the most common errors associated with Microsoft Access, which is run-time error 3078 “The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find the database table. input and request. .

    Practical Scenario:


    I need to help someone who, in turn, has an application that has been working for a long time.
    It is now an Access application that links directly to an Excel spreadsheet.

    Because we installed Office 2003 SP2, we get the following full error message:

    Runtime error ‘3078’. The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find the input table or the query “Imported ABC The (ruw)”

    and the debugger takes us to the command that failed:

    access vba runtime error 3078

    DoCmd.RunSQL “SELECTone . INTO [ABC imported (ruw)] FROM [ABC imported MND3 (ruw)]; »

    I don’t think it’s syntax or promo code because it worked for weeks every week…

    Thanks for working with suggestions


    If you are also experiencing this problem in your Access database, as shown in the case scenario above. Then go to this center and get all the information about runtime error 3078.

    Runtime Error 3078: Cannot Find Record In Table Or Query

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  • While running Access, you must have encountered completely different types of errors, such as Microsoft Aircraft database error 3078, Microsoft Office Access cannot find object “Unknown database format myfile.mdb”, “Microsoft Jet Engine cannot will find this file opening etc.

    Runtime error 3078 occurs when Microsoft Access crashes or crashes while running. This does not mean that the code is broken in any way, just that what is in it will not work at runtime. This type of error only shows up on your screen as one annoying notification when it’s fixed. Here it isDefinition, causes, and how to fix Access Runtime Error 3078.

    Error information

    Name: The Microsoft Office Access engine database could not try to find the input table or null “|”
    Code: error 3078

    The above error shows that the database of the Microsoft Office Access module usually cannot find the typed bed or the “|” query. So make sure it exists and is spelled correctly.
    Software: Microsoft Access

    Before you start fixing it, please read all the information about this Access-specific run-time error in Solution 3078. The input table could not be found.

    Circumstances Under Which Access Runtime Error 3078 Occurs

    If someone else opens or links to you to view a linked table in Microsoft At, you may encounter the following error messages:

    Error in private message 1

  • For Microsoft Access 2002
  • Microsoft Access cannot find object ““.
  • Runtime error “7874”: Microsoft Access cannot find “exact object”.
  • In Microsoft Office Access 2003, Microsoft Office Access 2007 and Microsoftt Office Access 2010
  • Microsoft Office cannot access object ““.
  • Runtime error “7874”: Microsoft Office cannot access point ““.
  • Error message 2

    The Microsoft Jet information engine cannot find the input tables or query ““. Make sure it can exist and that its name or company name is spelled correctly.

    Error message 3

    The record generator “” specified in this form does not exist or does not exist.

    What Causes MS Access Error 3078 – Input Table Or Query Not Found?

    The main reason for this error message number is that Access cannot find the table or possibly query the database if there is an important reference pointing to a non-existent external registry, or if there is an external registry file for a specific file , moved to another location.

    Another very common reason for this is when a deleted or renamed table or query is constantly referenced in the Find tab, which is usually associated with another table.

    Decisions On And MS Access Error 3078 – Unable To Find Table Or Query

    To resolve the issue, try the following options listed in this section:

    Solution 1#. Make it clear that the table or query is random, so check it out. But if not, you can remove all evidence of it. Or, if it’s definitely a missing table, re-import and re-link the table. And if it was a missing request, or re-import the request.

    You will often see that each RecordSource property of a form or good report contains a reference to the worksheet or query whose name has been changed or removed.

    Solution 2# If the query or affinity exists, there may be a format or spelling error in the reference to it. If you find something, please correct the syntax or punctuation error in Reference.3#

    Resolution If you try to open all linked tables, the source bank may not be in the path you specified when it first appeared linked. But if you have moved the file you will need to use the make commandof Interrelated Table Manager to update site information.

    access vba runtime error 3078

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