Fixed: How To Fix Recording Screen In Windows Media Player

Feb 6, 2022 English

Recently, some users encountered a known bug with screenshots in Windows Media Player. This problem occurs for several reasons. We will review them below.

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    Windows Media Player 10 has a built-in screenshot feature for MPEG and MPEG2 content that can be used by simply pressing “CTRL + I” during playback. If you want screenshots of the entire screen of the media player and user interface, I suggest lowering the speed of the video used to create the image.


    If you don’t see the Save Captured Image window, your video is not actually a Microsoft-supported video file. This solution will not work for you.


    When using two monitors, the printer is created using a screen to capture an image of each monitor. To take a screenshot of the active window only, press Alt+Print.


    This solution should only be used for capturing renders from video; After that, the application should be changed again, because the concept may cause additional problems. Again, this should work with all video recording files.

    If you need help creating photos, videos, and other videosWith training, you can use Windows Media Player 10 on Windows XP computers. However, you may get a black screen if others try to use it by pressing the print button without first setting up the media player. By default, the player uses overlays for recording video; These overlays do not allow you to take screenshots. After disabling certain overlays, you can take screenshots of them during video playback or look for yourself to pause.

    Launch Windows Media Player 10, click “Tools” and, if necessary, select “Options” to open the options window.

    Select the Performance tab, then click the Advanced button to open the Video Acceleration Settings window.

    Turn off the “Use Parameter Overlays” option in the Video Acceleration section by unchecking the box.

    Click OK to close the Video Acceleration Settings window. You can click Apply and Yes to select new options, and finally click OK to close the Options window.


    video playback, also twiceclick the video window to paste full screen.


    “Screenshot” to take a screenshot. You can press any Pause button before taking a screenshot.

    Double-click a video that can exit, in full-screen mode, click Start, select All Programs, select the Accessories directory, then click Paint to sign in to Microsoft to access Paint.

    Press Ctrl-V to paste the clipboard screenshot into Microsoft Paint, then hold Ctrl-S to open the Save As window.

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  • Enter a name for the monitor screenshot in the File Name field, select an image format from the File Type drop-down list, select the folder where you want to save the screenshot, and click Save. Save screenshot.

    If you’re a golfer, you may need a video or movie from Windows Media Player, which often captures a still image of the video or movie. However, unlike VLC and other modern video players, Windows Media Player does not provide a separate method for capturing a screenshot. This article will give you 2 styles to captureA video image from a good Windows Media Player. And even better, you can use method 2 to briefly save each video clip in the entire WMP.

  • Crop, crop, pan, freeze
  • Library of transitions, filter systems and effects;
  • Editing a video is like learning ABC.
  • Capture method 1: image from video using hotkey
    Method 2. Scissors

    Capture Image From Video Using Hotkey

    You can clearly capture a still image of any video playing in Windows Media Player by pressing the print key on our custom keyboard. Here’s how you can finally do it.

    Step 1: Play the video using Windows Media Player. Full screen clip when you would normally want to capture an image from a video.
    2nd step. 5: Drag the cursor over the skeleton you want to take a screenshot of.

    Advice. On the other hand, to fast forward or rewind in Windows Media Player, you can advance the video frame by frame:

  • oudWhile holding down the Ctrl key, click the play button in the player to continue and move forward one frame.
  • Hold down the Ctrl + Shift keys and click the play button to go back one frame.
  • capture screen in windows media player

    Step or even step: Press the PrtSc key (Win + PrtSc on some PCs) on your keyboard to take a screenshot.

    The screenshot below the video is saved to each Windows clipboard. Now open an editing program on your PC such as Microsoft Paint and click the image on the canvas with Ctrl+V.

    Some users have reported that when interlacing an image in a WMP video file with the Print Screen prompt, the image becomes black or blank. If you are undoubtedly using Windows Player media associated with Windows XP and earlier, you will need further assistance before taking screenshots in Windows Player

  • In Media Player, select Tools > Options > Performance > Advanced. In the actual video acceleration settings, uncheck “Use overlays” and clickSay “OK”.
  • Capturing a DVD image using the PrtSc button in Windows Media Play cannot find the region. Also, the captured image is not saved as a directory on the computer, which means you need to open the star editor and paste it. Sometimes you can use a screenshot tool if you need to make things easier. Name=”method2″>

    Screen Capture Tool

    capture screen in windows media player

    FonePaw Screen Recorder is a page capture tool that allows you to capture not only still images, but also moving images or online video clips from videos in Windows Media Player. It supports screen recording when it comes to hotkeys and you can select an area to take a screenshot. There are also annotation tools that usually allow you to draw or write on an image. The captured image remains saved as a PNG or JPG file. When you need to capture frames from videos not only in Windows Media Player but also in other video players or download services, FonePaw Screen Recorder on your computer provides many options.Screen capture for convenience. p>

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