How To Resolve Dell Error 5100cn 010-397

Feb 9, 2022 English

Sometimes your system may display the Dell 5100cn error 010-397 error code. There can be many reasons for this problem.

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    dell 5100cn error 010-397

    I had exactly the same problem after removing the fusing unit (the heating element is under the top/back cover, lift the cover) to clear a paper jam. After resetting the fuser, the display simply reverts to that control code.

    The code is caused by a small switch under the fusing unit, you don’t feel that the fusing unit is positioned correctly.

    The blue plastic latch on the left side of each fuser has a small latch on the bottom of the fuser. Securely lock the position of the fuser. As the film negatives slide forward under the steel plate, she also pulls the trigger of the touch switch, closing the touch switch and informing the copier that the fuser is in place (there is also a similar locking tab at the fantastic fuser location, but it did not trigger the sensor) , like the one left)

    1) The fusing unit gets very hot! Let it cool down for 10 seconds after turning off the power and unplugging the power cord!

    2) Pull forward more than two blue pinsfuser and wipe the fuser. Replace the tabs and slide them until they click into place. Sometimes a general reinstallation of the fusing unit allows the latch assembly lock to work properly and trigger the sensor unit. Turn the copier back on and pray that the error code doesn’t appear again.

    3) Mine reappeared. Apparently, the fuser trigger didn’t click on the trigger either, resulting in a send, and the copier guessed that the fuser probably wasn’t installed.

    dell 5100cn error 010-397

    At this point, you should take another fuser home or take the copier to a Dell Authorized Replacement Center.

    IF you’re doing household chores and want to void your warranty (okay, you can stop laughing now), you can lock the touch switch in the closed position, so make sure the fuser is in place. Works, but you’ll get your fingers dirty and you’ll need a large Phillips screwdriver.

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  • 2) Remove the fusing unit to make it easier to access the imaging drum. Open the back cover for more convenience.Shared access.

    3) On the glossy panel (under which is usually the fusing unit) and remove the small silver Phillips screw. This screw holds the switch to the bottom of the metal plate. The switch is also equipped with a primer. Slide the switch to the top right to release the tab from the steel plate. The switch will now vibrate down, but don’t pull too hard as the two wires come back to limit it by releasing it completely.

    4) Move the silver metal trigger to see that it works and close the switch even if it is pressed. Now you need to help yourself get a little creative to find someone who can hold the switch in the closed position. Once locked, turn the switches back on, close the dots, and start typing!

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