Fixed: How To Fix Docmd.transferdatabase Database Error 3011

Feb 8, 2022 English

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    You may encounter an error code indicating a 3011 docmd.transferdatabase database error. As it turns out, there are several ways to fix this problem, so we’ll cover them shortly.

    The TransferDatabase method contains the Visual TransferDatabase action in Basic.

    expression.TransferDatabase(TransferType, DatabaseType, DatabaseName, ObjectType, Source, Destination, StructureOnly, StoreLogin)
    Phrase required. An expression that returns one of all objects in the Applies To list. (DoCmd is the positioned element in this list)

    TransferType Optional AcDataTransferType.

    AcDataTransferType can be one of the acdatatransfertype constant types.
    non-payment acImport
    If you ignore this exit argument, the default constant (acImport) is always used.

    Note. The acLink transfer type is not supported for Microsoft Access (projects.adp).

    Database type
    Additional option. A string expression corresponding to one of the database types that can be used to import, export, or merge data.

    Database types: in
    Microsoft Access (default)
    Jet 2.x
    Jet 3.x
    dBase III
    dBbase IV
    Database 5.0
    Paradox 3.x
    Paradox 4.x
    Paradox 5.x
    Paradox 7.x
    ODBC Databases
    In the macro window, your entire family can see the database types listed for the “Database Type” action argument of the TransferDa actiontabase.

    database name
    Additional option. A string expression that is the maximum name of your database, including the path, that you want to use when importing, exporting, or binding data.

    ObjectType Optional AcObjectType.

    In particular, AcObjectType can be one of these AcObjectType constants.
    non-payment acTable
    This is the type of object you want to import, download, or link to. You can specify 1 object other than acTable when optimally importing or exporting computer data between two Microsoft Access databases. If you are exporting results associated with a Microsoft Access select query to another type of database, include this argument when viewing acTable.

    If you leave this render argument blank, a constant default value (acTable) will be used.

    Note. The acDefault element displayed for this argument in the list of autolist members is not actually valid for this argument. You must chooseone of the fixed costs above.

    Elective source option. Enter an expression that matches the object that your company wants to import, export, or link to data.

    Optional target option. An archipelago expressing the name of all imported, exported, or linked objects related to the target database.

    StructureOnly Optional. Use True (-1) to evaluate or export only the database table structure. Use False (0) to import or export the tour table system and its data files. If you leave this argument blank, it will default to (False).

    StoreLogin Optional. Use True, which can store the login id and therefore the password for the ODBC database during the connection string, to link the actual table to the database. They suggest that you don’t have to sign in every time you look at a board. Use False if your website does not want to store the Go-Surfing username and password. If you make this argument empty, thenby default it will take the intended value (False).
    This argument can only be purchased in Visual Basic.

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