An Easy Way To Fix Essbase Error Related To Missing Database Configuration File.

Jan 29, 2022 English

Over the past few days, some readers have come across a well-known essbase error message. The database configuration file is missing. This problem can occur for many reasons. Let’s get to know them below.

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    essbase error missing database config file

    In version 6.5.1, query logging was considered new. The message may be self-explanatory and simply state that there is no polling for the CFG file and therefore polling is disabled. If you want to provide specific evidence of your purpose, you should register a support case. Excerpt from file 6.5.1 Die readme (note the end of the second paragraph)

    To enable query logging, create a query options file (different from essbase.cfg) and add configuration options to the file that control query logging.

    Create a query validation configuration file for each database, which in turn requires a log query. If the options file is missing or the QUERYLOG option is disabled, query signing is disabled.

    I’ve been using registration materials for one data source dimension since it was released about two years ago. Disable messages are actually replaced by the following messages:

    [Tue Jul 26 05:01:07 2005]Local/Flash///Info(1024035)
    Log file usage: C:ESSBASEAPPFlashFlashFlash00090.qlg.

    [Tue Jul 26 05:01:07 2005]Local/Flash///Info(1024030)
    Query-enabled logging.

    Logging Requests from a List Readme File 6.5.1:

    Registering Requests

    The query transport allows Essbase maintainers to follow query patterns on a useful Essbase database. The query log document tracks all queries that have been fully executed against the database, whether the idea comes from the spreadsheet add-in or from the author of the report. Query logging can track the number of males and females, generations or levels of buyers belonging to specific generations or races, hybrid and analytic members. Writing queries also provides the ability to suppress logging for specific dimensions and musicians belonging to generations or levels. Because the query log file output is an XML document, you can import the log file into any XML-compliant log viewer. Learn more about the directory structure of the journalSee the querylog.dtd file of the ARBORPATH/bin directory type for querylogs.

    To enable query logging, run the query configuration file (from essbase.cfg) and create a file with configuration options that control query logging.

    Create a query log configuration file when working with a database that requires log lookups. If the configuration file is omitted or the QUERYLOG option becomes available again, query logging is disabled. Activate

    thinking about entering:

    Create a query log configuration path in ARBORPATHAppapplication nameEssbase database name. Actually, the configuration file should be named dbname.cfg, where dbname is the database company. For example, the configuration file for querying the user log for Sample Basic is basic.cfg.
    Specify the required and optional elements in the configuration file using the syntax in the Configuration File Request Syntax section:
    The size for which you want to generate query reports (QUERYLOG [dimension name]).
    Optional: climate for creating magazines or level percentages for members of certain sectsdeer, as well as levels in the dimension (QUERYLOG GENERATION range or QUERYLOG LEVEL range).
    Optional: A parameter to exclude logging of members of specific generations or quantities in the dimension (QUERYLOG NONE GENERATION or QUERYLOG NONE LEVEL range).
    Optional: Option to log hybrid analysis items for a specific score (QUERYLOG LOGHAMBRS ON | OFF).
    Optional: The location where the query log file will be created (QUERYLOG LOGPATH path expression).
    Optional: log file output format (QUERYLOG LOGFORMAT CLUSTER | TUPLE).
    Optional: new log file size (QUERYLOG LOGFILESIZE n)
    Optional: the size of all records (QUERYLOG TOTALLOGFILESIZE n files).
    Option to enable or disable query logging, most importantly the next time the application starts (QUERYLOG ON OFF) |.
    Restart the database to accept the configuration settings. The system then creates the file or modifies the convenience entries in the file.
    After you enable wonder logging, review the report entries in the query log entry, dbname.qlg. For example, you can view log log data to analyze howThe number of times a particular major participant was interviewed.
    Request Configuration File Syntax
    The dbname.cfg file has the following syntax:

    QUERYLOG [parameter name]
    QUERYLOG GENERATION generation range
    Level area QUERYLOG LEVEL

    Description of the QUERYLOG parameter
    [dimension_name] Identifies the name of the dimension to be tracked for the increase. The square brackets around this special name are required. QUERYLOG Logs [dimension name] of all dimension members. In the QUERYLOG [Product] example, it keeps track of all the musicians in the Product dimension. Each degree must be specified in the try to part QUERYLOG [dimension_name] parameter.
    Note. QUERYLOG [dimension name] must be added before any parameters that follow mashup elements and elements between assembly-level scopes; otherwise, the hybrid analysis and generation modules will be ignored.

    RangeThere is NO GENERATION. Denies access to members of the specified production zone. For example, QUERYLOG NONE GENERATION 2 excludes tracking all generation 2 members of a known dimension.
    NONE LEVEL level-range Prevent tracking members above the specified global range level. For example, QUERYLOG NONE LEVEL 0-2 excludes tracking of all distribution levels 0, 1, and 7 of the named dimension.
    GENERATION generation-range Tracks the members of a specified range of technological innovations by generation instead of counting to be able to search by member name. For example, QUERYLOG GENERATION members 5-7 of 5, 6, and 7 in my named dimension retain their generation information in a log file after a long period of time.

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    Een Gemakkelijke Manier Om Een ​​essbase-fout Met Betrekking Tot Een Onvolledig Databaseconfiguratiebestand Op Te Lossen.
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