An Easy Way To Troubleshoot TV Reception Problems

Dec 30, 2021 English

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    If you have a problem with TV reception on your system, this guide can help you solve it. There have always been three most common reasons why a human antenna does not receive these types of channels: a bad / damaged antenna, setup / alignment problems, and interference problems. First, let’s discuss some of the common antenna installation problems that can often lead to channel loss and marriage failures.

    We could provide you with solutions for some of the most common receive troubleshooting requests.

    Why does TV picture keep breaking up?

    If your TV picture usually breaks, cuts and splits, or becomes pixelated (it looks like it’s just a bunch of squares), then someone probably has a vulnerability. Checkall connections from the wall to your cable system as well as your cable box and TV to make sure the connections are nearly tight.

    Once you have installed the antenna, changed the input jack of your TV to “ANTENNA” and thus searched for channels, it is advisable that you receive at least some of your local channels. Otherwise, the reason for your stay may be one of the following:

    Why is my TV reception so bad in my van?

    Any object in your van that is unfortunately electrical in nature can cause interference from the TV. Some common sources such as electrical noise are air conditioners, LED lights, cooling fans, microwave ovens, resonance rods…. etc. You often hear here that reception is poor at night, which can also be related to the type of lighting in your van.

    Of course, there is no clear image line to the power transmission towers.

    Although there are hills, trees and bushes, buildings or other geographic features between the transmitting towers and the antenna, signals do not necessarily reach your antenna. Raising the antenna by moving it to a higher point, possibly with a higher mast, will improve signal reception. The goal is always to get as clear as possible about the broadcast platforms.

    Why is my antenna not picking up channels?

    Your cables may be loose. If you have loose cables, you are probably not receiving any signal, or a significantly uneven signal. So make sure your own TV and antenna connections are secure. Also, when checking the connections, take a close look at the cables to make sure they are not bent, twisted, or broken.

    It is important to regularly check for corrosion, indicators are weakenedside damage or serious side damage. Using fairy tape can also ease symptoms. Try to detach the splitting exercise and run the cable straight into the TV / converter and analyze the approach. If the reception improves, the solution may be to purchase an amplifier.

    television reception troubleshooting

    The coaxial cable from antenna to tuner may be too long.

    television reception troubleshooting

    Up to 1/3 of the signal can be lost over a thousand feet cable length. If you need a long TV or a splitter, you may need a preamp.

    They are located at a distance of about 70 kilometers from broadcasting systems or outside the antenna coverage area.

    The curvature of the Earth basically limits the distance between antennas to about 70 miles at a time. Go to and enter your address or zip code accordingly to make sure you are within reach of the transmission towers in your area. If you are 70 miles from radios, you can do it with the cheapest equipment and in the best conditions.

    CommonThis does not happen, but it is entirely possible that any tuner will immediately break an important new TV. The ATSC tuner is independent of HDMI or other terminals, so the tuner won’t form any other part of the video. As a second step to fix the problem, try installing the antenna and cable connection on a second TV.

    What should I do if my TV remote is not working?

    Move the cable / satellite box further away from the TV to avoid interference. Reconnect the remote control to the TV (if possible). Replace all batteries in the remote control. Contact the vendor’s support team. Votes My team is not working. Often times, connecting the remote control via Bluetooth is enough for the phone to work. Make sure Bluetooth is connected.

    While most TV channels currently broadcast on UHF, some use VHF, experts say. Although some UHF antennas can receive VHF signals, it is necessary to use a proprietary antenna optimized for UHF reception in addition to the VHF frequencies.

    The transmitter for some pipes may be located at a lower height on the transmission mast, above or behind other transmission masts.

    How do I troubleshoot TV antennas?

    General Troubleshooting Tips In the event that a problem occurs with all or just one program, make sure all cables are properly connected and definitely not unplugged. Try replacing the cable from the external antenna and TV with another TV at the same location (if available) to make sure it depends on who

    Closer to the ground or other obstructions from the towers, line-of-sight issues may occur. For UHF signals, you must rely on line-of-sight for a consistent event. Change the location or height of the antenna to see if this problem persists.

    Problem: Imagine that the imageopaque or I see snow (fluff).

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  • Step 2: Launch the program and select the device you want to scan
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  • There is NO snow on digital signage! If you see snow or felt on your TV, you are watching an analogue broadcast. Usually employees who have this problem do not have a built-in ATSC tuner in the TV. If you have a TV that was considered purchased prior to 2007, this may apply to you. Check your TV manual or contact the manufacturer just to find out if your TV has a built-in ATSC decoder. If not a dedicated one, an external receiver or converter can be purchased so you can use your existing TV to receive HDTV broadcasts.

    The automatic program, as well as the channel search, were certainly not performed correctly.

    If your TV has a very good internal ATSC tuner, make sure that the input or source of this TV is set to “BROADCAST” to “TV” or “AIR” and not to “CABLE”. Once you have confirmed this, go to the setup diagram for your TV to search for channels. All TVs are different and different brands have different processes. If you are absolutely not getting high-definition programming, read most of the TV manuals or check with the manufacturer to make sure these steps are still being followed correctly.

    Problem: I live no further than two miles from the transmitter, but the signal is lost due to the tower.

    A larger / stronger antenna will not necessarily solve this problem. Look at your mobile antenna and make sure it is not standing on metal objects or other antennas. If successful, your policy may not be too strict and require a great attenuator.
    Call our support or talk to us using the live chat feature on our website to analyze your region and your property. We are evolving to offer relatively simple solutions.

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