Steps To Fix Tracking Time Spent In Outlook

Jan 31, 2022 English

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    If you’re tracking time spent in Outlook and you’re getting an error, today’s user guide is here to help. The basic keyboard shortcut Ctrl + 8 gives you full access to your Outlook history from any version of Outlook. The log can be effective when used to track time spent on email or work in Outlook. You can simply drag and drop this part onto the journal button in the Outlook navigation bar – it looks like a little green notepad.

    Counting time spent and reporting on meetings, tasks, and journal items is a common request for people who plan everything they do in Outlook.

    Unfortunately, Outlook’s reporting capabilities are quite limited. Although there is a Duration field, Outlook cannot use it to perform direct calculations.

    track time spent in outlook

    For releaseTo perform calculations in Outlook, you must create a custom macro. In this tutorial, you will find the VBA code required to create a macro. The macro counts the total time spent on the selected items and returns the response in a message box.

    If you need to create your own report with more details, you can create these types of reports using the Excel Send Add-in or the actual Reporting Add-in.

  • Method 1: TimeSpent Macro
  • How to create a report using Excel
  • Method 3: Adding a reporter
  • Method 1: Macro Time

    The TimeSpent macro calculates the total time it took to transfer the selected items. These select collectibles can be calendar, task, and journal items of your choice.

    You can optionally calculate the number of kilometers tracked in dollars for this item type.

    Simply select the elements to run the macro to see the current results.

    For tasks, the time taken to complete the task is also reported.
    Customers can alsoView total mileage as an option.

    Quick Install

    1. Download this code file ( or just copy and paste the code below.
    2. Open VBA editor type (shortcut ALT+F11)
    3. Extract this zip file and import TimeSpent the.bas full file-> via Import…
      After you’ve simulated the code, paste it into a nice new module.
    4. Optional; Set the ShowMileage aspect to True to also display the corresponding total mileage logged for certain items.
    5. Sign your code, you won’t receive any security prompts and all macros won’t be disabled.
    6. Add a change to make the macro easier to access.

    Add a macro by clicking the button to finally access the qat quick access.

    If you need to search for calendar entries for an extended period of time, switching to list view can make the selection easier. However, keep in mind that the recurring appointment items are only listed once and are therefore only usedonce per list view.

    If customers have many items in a folder, applying a filter can also improve the view. For example, apply a filter to time periods and/or categories.

    Macro Code

    The following HTML code is included in the same ZIP file referenced in the quick install. You can use the code below to check or install manually.

    Click in the area above and press CTR+A Media to select all. Press CTRL+C to copy the code.

    Method 2: Using Excel

    Can Outlook tell you how many hours of meetings you have?

    Go to your calendar folder, but click on an appointment, or perhaps an appointment where you will be spending hours.

    By exporting a folder to Excel, we can take advantage of Excel’s calculations, making it much easier to work with time formulas. With a few additional filters and column formatting, you can provide a report with the data your audience needs. Start


    We export the contents of the file to an Excel file like this:

    1. Open Simple Import and Export Wizard
      • File->Open and Export->Import/Export
    2. Select: Export to file
    3. Select: comma-separated values.
    4. ChooseBrowse for the calendar, task, or journal folder you want to export.
    5. Specify a filename and location to get the exported file.
    6. The next screen will no doubt have a “Map Custom Fields…” button. You can click this link to remove fields that you may not need for your report.
      In addition to the following required fields, the fields “Subject”, perhaps “Categories” and “Mileage” are probably also important for creating and filtering a new report;
      • Schedule: start date, start time, end date, end time.
      • Tasks: general work, actual work
      • Log: Duration
    7. Click “Finish” to start the export tactic. When exporting a Calendar or Tasks folder, you can set the date range overseas by clicking after the Done button.

    track time spent in outlook

    When exporting the Or Diary Tasks folder, you can set any date range for the repeating items.
    When sending tasks or a calendar file, you can set a date range for repeating items.


    Does Outlook have tracking?

    From the Files menu, choose Options > Email. In the Tracking section, select Delivery Notification, which confirms that this message was delivered to the recipient’s mail server, or Read, confirmation that the recipient has read the message.

    After exporting the faCSV file, it can be imported into Excel like this:

    1. Open Excel.
    2. Usually select the Data tab.
    3. Press: from text/CSV.
    4. Select the file you exported earlier.
    5. After file selection;
      • Excel for Microsoft 365
        Click the Download button.
      • Previous versions of Excel
        Select: delimited->Next->select comma, tab (depending on your Windows settings)->Standard Next->Finish


    After importing a manually created dataset into Excel, you can apply certain filters to exclude data you don’t need for your calculations.

    1. Enable Filter Option
      • Home->Group: Edit->Sort and Filter Button->Filter
    2. Click on the h2 category tags to select only the catalog items you need for your report. Of course, you can also use (additional) filters for other columns.
    3. After filtering, select the information, copy and paste it into a new sheet in Excel.
      You can repeat this filter and copy/paste method if you need to create additional reportsbased on the same traditional data.

    Excel spreadsheet with a group filter applied to the “Categories” column.

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  • Advice!
    If a person has only a small jar of items, you can quickly remove the standards that you do not need. If you have many items and/or need to generate multiple reports from the same dataset, the filtering method is recommended.

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