Best Way To Fix Windows XP Add Control Panel To Start Menu

Jan 29, 2022 English

You may receive an error message stating that Windows XP adds a control panel to the start menu. Coincidentally, you can take different steps to fix this issue, so we’ll do that for now.

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    Right-click the Start Management button and select Browse.The explorer start menu window will open; In the right table, right-click in an empty area.Replace the defined new folder string with one of the following strings: .21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D.Press Enter.


    Does Windows XP have a Start menu?

    You invoke the Start menu by using your mouse to click on the Start button located in the lower left corner of the screen. As you can see in fig. 3.8, the Windows XP start menu currently consists of several columns of icons. Rice. 3.8 Access all programs on your system from the start menu.

    The panel provides centralized access to many Windows settings. Through the Control Panel, we can customize and optimize the appearance, performance of Windows, network connections, hardware settings and more.

    Although many settings are available to you in other ways through the Control Panel settings – for example, I would say that you can change the appearance of the desktop by right-clicking the PC and selecting Properties from the context menu. or by opening the Display applet in the Control Panel. The Control Panel makes it easy to keep track of all your current Windows settings.

    Panel Control Categories

    How do I enable Control Panel in Windows XP?

    Windows XP: If you don’t see a different Control Panel, your Start Menu may be set to Classic or the link may have been disabled as part of a setting. Try “Start” > “Settings” > “Control Panel” or perform an operation in the “Run” box.

    In Windows XP, this control panel has two modes. The default mode in Home Edition is a colorful and user-friendly category view thatControl panel applets are organized into nine categories: appearance and themes; network and internet connection; add or remove programs; sound, voice and sound equipment; Performance and Maintenance; printers and other equipment; user accounts; date, time, language region and options; and accessibility.

    How do I add Control Panel to Quick Access menu?

    You can certainly pin the control panel secret to the shortcut menu, or alternatively to the start button, for example: or pin tojust start like below.

    There’s actually a 10th category that’s easy to miss as it’s only available in the Miscellaneous window called Control Panel Options. This is where Windows hosts Control Panel applets installed by third-party methods such as QuickTime, a control, or a display control specific to your graphics card.

    The other way to access the Control Panel is undoubtedly the classic view, familiar to anyone who has used the Control Panel from previous versions of Windows. In the classic form, all applets were placed in a folder. It can be a bit difficult to focus on it, but it makes it much easier to find all control panel items and cuts down on the number of clicks required to immediatelyprivate access to them.

    You can open the Control Panel by clicking -> Launch Control Panel. If it’s not on your menu, you can easily add it:

    1. Right-click the Start button and select Properties from the general context menu.
    2. When scanning the Start menu, make sure the first (non-classic) Start menu option is selected and just click Customize.
    3. Click the Advanced tab.
    4. In the list of Start menu items under Control Panel, select either Show as Link or How to Show Menu. The first one (the default setting) is just a Control Panel option in the Start menu; the latter displays a control panel option with a cascading shell that provides direct access to any control panel applet. I prefer Ex because I only like to create techniques for the applets I choose often – I’ll show you why soon; I don’t need to populate the start menu multiple times.
    5. Click OK several times to close the dialog boxes.

    How do I add Control Panel to Taskbar?

    Open Control Panel from the Start menu or from the home computer icon, whichever way you use to launch it. Once opened, the Control Panel button will most likely appear on the taskbar. Right-click it and select Pin this Key Facts Program to the taskbar. That’s all.

    Please note that when using the ShowYou can still open the standard Control Panel window by clicking the Start button and then right-clicking on the Control Panel option in the Start menu, clicking and selecting Open from the menu “Start”. pop-up window. -top menu.

    Quick Access

    windows xp add control panel to start menu

    Some Control Panel applets are quite esoteric and you probably won’t use them often, if at all. For example, the Java plug-in control that can appear in the Control Panel when installing any version of the Java Runtime Environment is something that most of us never need to touch. /p>

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  • Other applets, however, are good enough to make these products as accessible as possible. In last month’s column, I showed you how you can create shortcuts to control the applet bar, such as adding or removing programs, by dragging everyone to the quick launch bar. This gives you one-click access to your current favorite applets.

    If you have half a dozen favorites in the control panelInstead of cluttering up the Quick Launch shortcut, you can always create a working Control Panel folder that can be accessed from the Start Menu or Quick Launch. This works in the same way as the “Show as menu” option above, but in this case it will be easier for you to choose which applets will be displayed in the menu (see the Zone Roll your own control panel section below). Go


    One way to easily access control panel settings remotely is to literally make a direct call that can call a specific control panel applet. You can even use this technique to open the cmdlet pane to a feature-specific tab.

    windows xp add control panel to start menu

    For example, if you usually change system sound events, you can usually access these settings by clicking Start -> Control Panel -> Sounds, Language, then Audio Devices -> Change Sound Scheme “. When you call someone, you can reach them much faster.

    Firstly, almost any background. The display of control applets is stored in files with a single extension.Rhenium .cpl. If you’re looking for it in the WindowsSystem32 directory, you’ll find it here. (Then it’s easier to see them all if you right-click in an empty locale and select “Arrange icons by” -> “Type”, select the “Details” view, then scroll down and find “Control Panel Extensions”.) You can launch any applet by simply double-clicking its cpl file.

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